Foodie Reco: Son & Garden Brunch in Menlo Park

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the most adorable brunch spot in the South San Francisco Bay area @ Son & Garden in Menlo Park. I met with two other Instagram bloggers (for the first time since moving to California, so happy to be meeting others again through these social platforms!), and we got there nice and early to take advantage of the photo-worthy location.

We did made a reservation – and it was three weeks in advance so plan ahead! – and got there at 9:30am, about 30 minutes after opening. Which was great because we got to see the restaurant somewhat empty and didn’t have to wait in any lines! I highly recommend making a reservation in advance so you have a table, if you are planning to try walking in – go early and you might get lucky!

The best part about this spot is its notable floral photo wall – and it did not disappoint! I was so happy to see it separated out from the seating part of the restaurant. Too many places have those iconic walls but they are nestled behind tables with people awkwardly there while you try to take a photo and they eat dinner. Not only is there a beautiful wall of spring-colored flowers, but they are accompanied by a “Hello Gorgeous” neon pink sign, Sallie the Giraffe, and a chandelier. I mean, what better combination could there be!?

The floral wall is definitely not the only fun attraction to Son & Garden. The drinks are also notable, photo worthy and oh so delicious. I of course ordered my standard bloody mary, but my friend got the Cloud 9 cotton candy drink – so cool. The drinks were amazing and the food was SO good. Even the food was photo worthy with its presentation! I ordered the classic egg, bacon, potatoes breakfast but the french toast is on my list to try when I go back!

We were early enough that no one else was ready to take photos yet so the photo wall area was all ours! The even had a tripod ring light set up in there so people can take their own pics with it! My friend has the fish eye lens function on her phone and it took such fun photos.

I am linking their menu here – lots of great options from food to drinks!

And we are SO excited to go back again for their Cherry Blossom High Tea ! It is from Monday – Friday only, reservations requested via email as there are only 12:30pm and 1:30pm time slots available. Sign up early!

Oh, and last but surely not least, I died over the faux wisteria decor that lined the entire ceiling of the restaurant. Serious vibe goals.

If you check it out make sure to let me know what you think!


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