Chicago Indoor Oases

Chicago has some pretty unpredictable, sometimes rather harsh weather. Everyone knows that. Thankfully, our city has created gorgeous park conservatories where locals and visitors can escape to enjoy floral and boasting green, lush beauty – year round. This weekend I was lucky enough to get together with some of my favorite bloggers again and capture … More Chicago Indoor Oases

Minnesota Adventures

My week back home in Minnesota at my parents’ house was nothing short of amazing. It was literally was the definition of relaxation, and who wouldn’t want a full week of that? Add in having my mom there the whole time and doing some fun snow photoshoots and its the best thing I could have … More Minnesota Adventures

Restaurant Week 2019

One of the many cool things that Chicago does every year is hosting a Restaurant Week for a gazillion great restaurants cross the city. Participating restaurants select a Lunch and Dinner menu that includes three course meal options, and if you’re extra lucky you’ll find one that includes a drink 😉 Our blogger group, @chicitygirls, … More Restaurant Week 2019