Chicago Indoor Oases

Chicago has some pretty unpredictable, sometimes rather harsh weather. Everyone knows that. Thankfully, our city has created gorgeous park conservatories where locals and visitors can escape to enjoy floral and boasting green, lush beauty – year round.

This weekend I was lucky enough to get together with some of my favorite bloggers again and capture photos in the Lincoln Park Conservatory. And thank goodness, because our April snow showers were the opposite vibe we were looking for. Everywhere you turned in the conservatory, there was another gorgeous view.



We visited the Garfield Park Conservatory earlier in the year, again escaping the Chicago cold to experience some outdoor (yet indoors) beauty. This conservatory is larger than the Lincoln Park one, and has a few more variations of floral and plant rooms and types. Again flashing gorgeous views at every turn.

One note if you are planning to take pictures here – they only allow you to shoot in ONE outfit. You cannot change and go back into the conservatory to take more pics (and they do watch), unless you have a permit.


I definitely recommend adding the Chicago conservatories to your bucket list if you’ve never been! And keep them on the list for those painful winter days 😉

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