Chicago Through My Eyes

I never really realized how many photos of Chicago I have accumulated over the 6 years of living here until the other day. Instagram hosts a weekly weekend hashtag project and this last week’s theme was to show what inspires you, what represents your life and what you love. It pushed me to look back through my photos of the city, knowing that nothing else portrays what I love better. This is the city where I found my husband and love of my life, my Bagel, my career and friends I can’t imagine living without.

This city has been everything I was looking for when growing up, and I can’t wait to share the city through my eyes. Throughout our four lovely, challenging, ever changing seasons this city boasts gorgeous views. From the skyline to the inner neighborhoods and recreational spaces, I am challenging myself to capture the beauty of this city.

Lucky me, Ryan gave me a new camera for my 30th birthday and I love taking pictures in different settings to figure out what portrays the city in the best light. The architecture in Chicago is so vastly different from neighborhood to neighborhood and I can’t wait to share where I explore.

Below is a quick sneak peak of what’s to come! I will go into more detail on these locations and stories throughout my coming blog posts 🙂

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