Birthday Hair Woes & Woos

Finally getting back to blogging and am so excited to reveal my new hair! Yep, new hair. Not my hair, but new hair. (and we don’t need to go any further on whose hair lol I don’t want to think about it)

My entire life I have had short, thin, super fine hair. No density or volume to be found. So, I turned 30, and I’m over it! I want to experience having the long beautiful hair that my friends and so many others have. And these days, why shouldn’t I?! Anything is possible.

So I did a bit of research to determine which kind of extensions I wanted to get for my first time. There are so many options! Clip in, tape in, sewn in, fusion. I decided on the fusion method for a couple of reasons – it lasts the longest and seemed like the best way to experience “real” long hair without sewing it to my head (which kind of scares me).

It was quite the adventure let me tell you. First you have to go buy the hair – so that was the first time in a wig/hair shop which was pretty interesting. Then, I found a lady that does extensions in a group of other independently owned salons, had good reviews, and was available to do them on my birthday (Dec. 29). Win win!

But, she apparently doesn’t cut the extensions after putting them in (what?!). It being a Saturday, and the holidays – my hair dresses wasn’t available, no one was. So one of my besties who cuts her own her, helped me out.

Welllll then it was a little too short, so I decided to repeat the entire adventure again and get more put in. This time I had an apt with my hair dresser scheduled, who upon arriving and seeing me, told me she hates these fusion extensions because they are difficult to cut. She’s been my hair expert since I moved here so she is always very real with me, which I appreciate.

Summing all of this up, I got them cut and I have the long hair I wanted. But I’m not sure I would ever do this method again lol. Quite the process.

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